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OOFOS Recovery Footwear - Your Feet Earned This







What athletes say about OOFOS

After a race or long training run your feet and body need a break and chance to recover. OOFOS are the perfect recovery thong for this. The foam material is soft and extra comfortable, with a foot-bed that cradles and supports your arches providing relief to your aching feet. 

Pat Carroll, Australian Marathon Great and Running Guru

The intense training and playing schedule required as a professional cricketer definitely takes its toll on your feet. At the end of a long day in the field nothing feels better than sliding on my OOFOS. They really are the most comfortable thongs ever!

Jhye Richardson, Australian ODI and T20 Cricketer

What health professionals say about OOFOS

"I am thrilled with the functionality of OOFOS. I have recommended them to clients with Plantar Fasciitis and Osteoarthritis and have had rave reviews from all those who have purchased them, saying they are the most comfortable shoes they have worn! Some clients reported OOFOS significantly alleviated their foot pain with consistent wear"

Jenny Malikoff, Podiatrist - Warrnambool Foot Clinic

"OOFOS thongs are the softest I have come across. This, in combination with the gentle arch support and rocker sole, make them a great adjunct for treating forefoot and plantar heel pain." 

Sergio Gonzales, Podiatrist - Fix Podiatry Dayboro

What plantar fasciitis sufferers say about OOFOS

"When I got home from golf yesterday I tried my new OOFOS thongs – So comfortable, like waking on air! They are already providing much needed relief from the pain and discomfort Plantar Fasciitis is causing me in my heels."

Cheri Quinn, Golfer and Plantar Fasciitis Sufferer

"I'm obsessed with my OOFOS. I'm spreading the word. I have a heel spur and inflammation and they are my saving grace at the moment. 👍"

Donna Downey, Runner and Heel Spur Sufferer

OOfoam Technology

Traditional athletic shoes deliver rebound and energy return benefits to propel you forward during your fitness activities. OOfoam does the opposite, absorbing 37% more of the impact to reduce the stress on your feet, body and soul to help you recover.

Key Benefits:

  • Absorbs more shock than traditional foam
  • Reduces stress on sore feet, knees and back
  • Cradles your arches
  • Enables more natural motion

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