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Every useful watt of power you generate while cycling is transferred to your bike through the bottom of your feet. Foot pain, in particular arch pain, is common, and heel soreness can be caused by ill-fitting footwear or incorrect cleat position; equally, it may be the result of an underlying foot condition such as plantar fasciitis or a biomechanical issue 

While we recommend a good bike-fit to overcome the above issues, post-ride recovery is essential. One of the most likely causes of pain in the arch of your foot is inflammation, strain or repetitive micro-tears of the plantar fascia. This condition is called plantar fasciitis and is very common among cyclists and others whose activities place large amounts of stress on the palmar (underside) aspect of the foot. 

OOFOS customers have reported relief from the pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis and the bone spurs that can accompany this condition. This is due to the increased impact absorption our shoes provide and the patented biomechanically engineered footbed that helps increase circulation and provides superior arch support. OOFOS shoes allow your foot to move on all planes and articulate the way nature intended. The material flexes with your foot and the surface you are walking on simultaneously, relieving pressure and cushioning your feet. 

OOFOS recovery footwear is available for men and women. Browse our latest styles to find the ideal pair for you. 

Customer and Industry Reviews

"These shoes are ridiculously comfortable! These are an investment that your legs and feet will thank you for.” 

TriRadar Review 5/5

"I can honestly say that they are the most comfortable footwear I have ever had the pleasure of putting on my feet. Ever.”

Mud and Miles

"I'll be honest that I didn't expect to like these shoes, but I'm a convert - I LOVE THEM!” 

Fat Girl to Ironman

"Day to day they are brilliant! They have a contoured arch support and the soft nature of the foam means your foot constantly adjusts as you stand so you don't get pain from being static too long.”

Tailfish Blogger

"Help soothe and reinvigorate tired feet, aiding a faster recovery time. We found them quite hard to take off - they really are that comfortable.”

Triathlon Plus

"The ergonomically designed footbed feels like a dream on your tired feet. Springy and deeply luxurious”

Runners World UK

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