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OOFOS with OOfoam Technology is the Ultimate Recovery Footwear for Athletes that can double up as Pain Relief for Plantar Fasciitis, Bunion, Heel Spurs and Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Traditional athletic shoes deliver rebound and energy return benefits to propel you forward during your fitness activities. OOfoam does the opposite, absorbing 37% more of the impact to reduce the stress on your feet, body and soul to help you recover.
  • OOFOS OOriginal Thongs
    OOFOS OOriginal Thongs

  • OOFOS OOlala Thongs
    OOFOS OOlala Thongs

  • OOFOS OOahh Slides
    OOFOS OOahh Slides

  • OOFOS OOlala Slides
    OOFOS OOlala Slides

  • OOFOS OOfoam Technology
    OOFOS OOfoam Technology

  • OOFOS OOCloogs Clogs
    OOFOS OOCloogs Clogs